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What the mind believes the body will follow.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The inner workings of the human brain have been a source of fascination and mystery. Clinical Hypnosis has come of age through the work of the late Dr Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist, who introduced the naturalistic way of clinical hypnosis.

This works with the individual entirely, using their own creativity and diversity to solve the problems at a deeper level.


Hypnosis is normal state as many of us can day dream and we can exclude the outside world. The depth of hypnosis that each person achieves is dependent on their motivation and emotional state. Hypnotherapy will only achieve the desired result when the client is clear about their intention and wants to achieve that outcome for themselves.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can and does get straight to the source. I am amazed at how a client can change within two or three sessions. It is very empowering for the many clients.

Hypnosis helps with fear, the fear of pain and the anxiety that goes with that fear. Hypnosis helps give the client some control over what is happening within their bodies. E.g. Pain management, insomnia, anxiety, phobias, smoking, weight loss, mild depression. They can all be addressed successfully.