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Managing Your Pain

The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between real fear and an imaginary one. Body and mind can work together to heal. There are a great many conditions and specialty areas in medicine where clinical hypnotherapy can be of great benefit and can contribute to positive treatment outcomes.

Introducing deep relaxation by learning to use your own resources can be so powerful in supporting the management of discomfort and pain, build your confidence and to reduce anxiety, all work towards making the individual comfortable.

In using hypnosis/mindfulness for the management of pain and discomfort are we then saying that all ‘medical problems’ are psychosomatic. We continue to struggle with unlearning the mind and body are not two separate parts but are one?


Working with both mind and body is more beneficial and during the session of hypnotherapy, mindfulness, visualisation etc., the subconscious can be tapped into for your benefit, and this bridges the gaps between conscious and subconscious mind and body responses.
Teaching you a number of skills necessary to aid your own treatment process gives you control over your own body by removing stress, anxiety, fear and even panic.

In general, hypnosis, mindfulness relaxation music, and visualisation can be a useful adjunct to more traditional medical treatments for several reasons. This is in regard to the mind, attitudes and related emotions. Traditionally, we can sometimes place limitations on ourselves by how we talk and act.